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Blockchain ~ Bootstraps for altcoins:
BATA, Bitradio, Denarius, Denarius, DigiByte, DOGE, Einsteinium, Feathercoin, gamecredits, html5, Hush, litecoin, MAG, MOONcoin, Netcoin, Netcoin, REDD, StrongHands, TheBasis, TheBasis, UFO, UFO, VERGE, VERGE, Viacoin,

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IP to Country - requests

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Edited Open Source games:
0hh1, 2048, clumsy, orbium, spaceasteroids,

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News and announcements:

  •  07/31/2018: API: IP address to country added as free service.

  •  12/14/2017: Now you have to Put-In (accepting) 3rd party content like facebook panel. Added experimental browsermining under development..

  •  11/20/2017: New front end for pool finished. Old web-page at mine.1stbitco.in will end 12/1/2017. Pool will run at least until 31/12/2017

  •  04-11-2017: Added few alternative coin bootstraps to download and few open source games. Sadly I don't have time to maintain the faucetlist.

  •  09/02-2016: For celebrating the one year of this website we will try to keep the faucet time limiter around 25 minutes.

  •  09/02-2016: Hi all, to make it clear: this faucet claiming is for private (end-users) and not companies or hosting services.
    Companies are welcome to submit advert true banners or use contact sales team at sales .

  •  15/11-2015: Faucet list V.: 0.0.39 is out! Try to refer to it every monday like the usual :).. https://1stbitco.in/list/?r=Bitcoin_Address

  •  03/11-2015: 1stBitco.in's Faucet's changed names to Timer. Happy earnings! As always no deposit needed to claim free rewards.
    Local faucet are getting bitcoins from users using faucet list, beside that it's also payday when we get lucky on cryptocoin trading.

  •  31/10-2015: Faucet list introducing new functions including

    Auto Pop if?

    . With this new functions gives you even
    faster tool to earn on faucets. Happy earnings!

  •  23/10-2015: Faucet list introducing new frames. Thanks to Disqus you can comment each faucet or ask about help them.
     If nothing else specified: Do not: SPAM, Impersonate, Direct threat of harm, Personally identifiable information posted without consent,
    Inappropriate profile content and posting of links.

  •  10/10-2015: Faucet list introducing new earnings opportunity. Together with adf.ly
     You can share your link or use it your self. Invite your friend with your link and earn when they click. Recommending the Fast earnings link.
     If you are webmaster you can make iframe with src='https://1stbitco.in/list/?full_token="your adfly ID"'. Happy earnings!

  •  1/10-2015: Faucet Level 1 introducing new versions. V1 and V2. All 3 "Level 1" faucets are using the same time payout limiter.
     It means that you have to choice 1 of 3 "Level 1" faucet at time. Best choice is to start with Level 1 V2. Happy earnings!

  •  27/9-2015: Faucet list has new options and 8 new languages. Level 1 has new rewards.
     Level 2 will get new rules within about one month from now. 1st Several Claims will be as usual,
     then for accessing Level 2 you will have to claim on Level 1 once within five days.

  •  22/8-2015: Faucet list has new option for results limit.

  •  20/8-2015: Faucet list's design changed, once clicked on link timer automatically starts.

  •  7/8-2015: Level 2: Recaptcha updated to Version 2.

  •  6/8-2015: Use referral link that will work for all faucets: https://1stbitco.in/?r=Bitcoin_Address

  •  6/8-2015: Referrals for the Level 1 will be locked for ever to you. Level 2 referrals are not locked.

  • What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a Open Source, peer-to-peer payment system introduced in 2009. It is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

    What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

    A faucet is a site paying out rewards in crypto curecy once every given time. Each time you visit faucets and complete the captcha or task you will receive payout amount.

    What is a Open source software?

    Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source software may be developed in a collaborative public manner. According to scientists who studied it, open-source software is a prominent example of open collaboration. The term is often written without a hyphen as "open source software".